China Has 137 Million Users That Need a Purified Environment

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The number of internet users is up to 137 million according to the latest report from the China Internet Networking Information Center.

A report released by the Internet Society China put the total number at 136 million. A difference of a million would be big if it was about The Netherlands. In China, with its huge population, it is less relevant.

It’s a growth of 23.4 percent compared to January last year. If this growth continues China will overtake the United States, where 210 million Americans are active on the Internet, in 3 years.

I have the report but need some more time to see if it has interesting tidbits in there worth mentioning in a next post.

At the same time China’s president Hu Jintao has vowed to ‘purify’ the Internet for all the 137 million users.

From Reuters

Hu, a strait-laced communist with little sympathy for cultural relaxation, did not directly mention censorship.

But he made it clear that the Communist Party was looking to ensure it keeps control of China’s Internet users, often more interested in salacious pictures, bloodthirsty games and political scandal than Marxist lessons.

The party had to “strengthen administration and development of our country’s Internet culture”, Hu told the meeting on Tuesday, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

“Maintain the initiative in opinion on the Internet and raise the level of guidance online,” he said. “We must promote civilized running and use of the Internet and purify the Internet environment.”

I would say, Good luck with that.

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai, China.

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  • wkcow

    my god, why did you write with “Purification”,the net users in China are same with foreign friends.but i’d like the american company comes to China to build a career.

  • Gemme

    Thanks for your comment Wkcow.

    The purification part is about President Hu Jintao’s remark that the internet environment needs to be purified.

    The title of the article therefore is slightly cynical as I also think the net users in China are the same as Internet users everywhere else.

    But you have a point so I adjusted the title a little bit.

  • wkcow

    oh,thank you, Gemme
    you are right about our internet environment ,and i wish it could be fine in the future.

  • Piano Lessons

    China is such a large market, and it doesn’t surprise me they will take over the US. What’s a shame is how closed off it still is. I think we’d all like to see the proverbial great walled garden of China come crashing down.