Checking Page HTTP Headers

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Checking Page HTTP Headers

To ensure that search engines understand your website structure correctly you should control each page HTTP headers. Your server should handle all requests properly – by this you will both achieve better crawl rate and higher rankings.

Understanding HTTP header status codes:

I don’t want to go into too much details here and describe only what is really important for SEOs. Basically there are 5 main status code classes:

  • informational (1xx);
  • successful (2xx) request;
  • redirection (3xx) = further action needs to be taken by the user agent in order to fulfill the request;
  • client error (4xx);
  • internal server error (5xx).

Out of the above status codes SEOs most often have to deal with the following ones:

  • 200 = the request has succeeded;
  • 301 = moved permanently;
  • 404 = not found.

It is necessary to make sure that in each particular case the correct status code is returned: e.g. don’t use redirect for non-existent pages – return an optimized page with 404 header code.

Cases SEOs Should Look out for:

Most often the following cases may result in 200 status code when handled improperly:

  • index.html vs. directory root;
  • www vs non-www version;
  • double slashes in the file path;
  • mixed up letter cases;
  • non-existent pages;
  • https protocol requests; etc.

HTTP Header Checking Tools:

There are numerous web-based tools that will show you HTTP header for any URL, a few examples include:

http header tools
  1. Web-Sniffer;
  2. HTTP Header Checker;
  3. Header Checker; etc

There is also one handy FireFox extension that allows to view all http requests issued by the Web page loaded in my browser: it adds information “Headers” tab under “Page Info” of a web page.


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