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Challenges of Big Brand In-House SEOs: An Interview with Nakul Goyal

Nakul Goyal carfax interview

SEO is already a challenge in itself. But it becomes even more difficult when your organization does not even see the value of your SEO efforts. Nakul Goyal, Director of Marketing & SEO at Carfax sat down with SEJ’s Executive Editor, Kelsey Jones, at Pubcon Las Vegas to talk about the challenges that in-house SEOs for big brands are facing:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Since SEO is not part of the organization’s priority, in-house SEOs spend 50%-70% of their time to fight for resources to get things done. A lot of time is spent in justifying and evangelizing SEO rather than doing things that matter. You would have to explain to your boss, and the finance team the need for tools, which is frustrating, and it leads to poor employee satisfaction as well.
  • Oriental Trading Company, (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) and Trip Advisor are some examples of big brands that understand the value of SEO. Both companies’ top executives understand SEO, with the mindset that “Speed wins. Everything that’s worth doing is worth measuring.”
  • With everybody focusing on the right things, working very fast, but never finding yourself struggling for resources. CARFAX, on the other hand, practice SEO as a program rather than a project.
  • Discuss SEO with your executives through a language they understand, then back it up with napkin calculation. Don’t talk about domain authority, links, or content. Tell them what’s at stake, what if we don’t do it, and what is the potential outcome from a financial perspective. Check out Nakul Goyal’s Pubcon presentation to learn more.

Recommended Tools

  • SEO Clarity
  • SEMRush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Excel
  • Anything that you can do to automate

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Challenges of Big Brand In-House SEOs: An Interview with Nakul Goyal

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