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CenSEARCHip : Compare Censored Search Results

CenSEARCHip : Compare Censored Search Results

CenSEARCHip : Compare Censored Search Results

CenSEARCHip is a tool developed by Mark Meiss and Filippo Menczer at the Indiana University School of Informatics for comparing the differences in the results returned by Google and Yahoo! versions for the United States, China, France, and Germany.

When you enter your search terms and select one of the search buttons, the lower part of your browser window will show a split display of the results for the two countries. For example, if you’re comparing China and the United States, you’ll see information about the Chinese search on the left and the United States search on the right.

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CenSEARCHip offers both Web Search and Image Search options but if you are at work beware, they’ve disabled “safe search” in the Image Results:

“In order to give as accurate a comparison as possible, we’ve disabled the ‘SafeSearch’ feature that search engines use to block images with explicit violent or sexual content from their search results. Some of the images returned may be quite graphic and inappropriate for children. Please exercise caution in your searches!”


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