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Users Still Able to Catch the Google Wave until 2011

Earlier this month Google announced that their real-time communication feature, Wave was no longer going to be developed by them. The communications and collaborations application was first launched last year at Google I/O and was met with a lot of enthusiasm by developers and Google insiders a like. The buzz surrounding it in the weeks before and after the launch was huge and Google users were desperate for an invitation to see what Wave was all about.

Unfortunately for Google, the use of this tool didn’t not meet their expectations and they have decided to take the technologies they developed for the product and use them elsewhere. The Google team realized it is better to incorporate what they have learned from Wave into other Google products; Google Me being one of those rumored new developments.

For those that actually actively use Wave, they will have at least until the end of the year, possibly going into 2011, to continue their character-by-character live typing and real-time document collaborations. Google also states that users will be able to get their content from their Waves and that some features are “are already available as open source, so customers and partners can continue the innovation we began”.

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Users Still Able to Catch the Google Wave until 2011

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