Buying and Selling Social Media Profiles?

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Last week I stumbled across an interesting service that allows to buy-sell social media accounts. It is called Assetize and apparently functions as an auction.

You can search accounts by categories (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc) or by account name and tags:


Note: plenty of them are also going to get you into trouble:

Assertize Trademark

This whole thing about buying selling social media accounts causes some mixed feelings in me.

On the one hand, it reminds me of the joke that if I had a wayback machine, I would go back in time and register domain – with the only difference that with Twitter I had a real chance to do something like that because I actually witnessed it appear and rise. So why didn’t I register a bunch of delicious accounts then like and, etc?

Ok, on a serious note, is buying and selling social media accounts ethical? I mean most of those listed have friends and followers (which makes the accounts even more expensive)… It’s like buying and selling people! Isn’t social media much more than just a cool account name?

What are your thoughts?

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty
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  • gudipudi

    Please do not try to sell your twitter accounts as it is against their TOS . They will definitely Ban your account . Belive me …they banned my account ….

  • Karen Callahan

    Social media websites’ TOS aside, I think people should be able to sell the persona that they have created – if they created it using a generic name. The ethical part comes in after the sale is made. I would expect the new owner to divulge that they are not the original person but intend to continue with the same mission, etc.

    I can think of several friends who have online businesses and have created Twitter personas using a variation of the names of the businesses. When they sell the businesses, I would expect that the ‘personas’ would be included.

    If the personas are in personal names, then selling them doesn’t make sense and, if sold, would constitute fraud for me.

  • Adam

    Karen, I agree partly- if the account is included in the sale of a business and isn’t personal then I’d consider that an asset to the business (since followers would be following a company account- not a personal account). However for me personally, selling a more personal account which has taken time to build trust and credibility wouldn’t be a great idea.

  • Ant

    User accounts are commodities. If someone has a targeted socialbase which I could use to my advantage then I’d be interested in buying. Now if someone bought a social account expecting to spam it then I’m sure they’ll soon be outed on the network and no one will be their friend, thus leaving them the same as they came, a useless spammer. In conclusion, there are legitimate causes for wanting to sell/buy accounts. I think the main issue is there is not any clear way to determine the value of an account, because I can have 1,000 followers by tomorrow but are they targeted to your niche, true friends of the original account owner (this could put more value and integrity on the account), and does the account share useful content? These are some of the questions I would have.

  • Or Hillel

    If people sell domains why not to sell social media profiles? If you catch a good name and got some traffic you can sell it!