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Burma (Myanmar) Blocks Google!

Burma (Myanmar) Blocks Google!

The Times of India is reporting that according to Burmese Internet users, the government of Burma (or Myanmar, depending on which governmental name and body your country recognizes) has blocked Google and GMail.

Those attempting to view either Google or Gmail are confronted with a message saying “Access Denied”.

An official from Bagan Cybertech, the country’s only Internet service provider, confirmed that both Google and gmail were inaccessible but declined to comment further.

The Times of India also says that in addition of Google, Burma has also banned Yahoo and MSN Hotmail services in an effort to control the flow of info into their country (and flowing outside of its borders). You know, in case any of those threats to the government, like those calling for the full freedom of democratic rights leader Aung San Suu Kyi, happen to make it to the Burmese citizens via Google results.

I highly doubt, in this situation, that the blocking of Google in this country will lead to the launch of a censored!

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Burma (Myanmar) Blocks Google!

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