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Building Links Too Quickly?

Building Links Too Quickly?

At SEOBook Aaron Wall has been hosting SEO Q&A sessions with readers of his blog and subscribers to his eBook. One of the most recent cries for help was an issue that has been the fear of novice sandbox playing link builders for new sites – Can you build links too quickly?

Aaron answers that “Yes you can gain links too quickly, however I think gaining links too quick is rare.” Mr. Wall adds, “When people get in trouble for building links too quickly typically they are using automated link building methods, link exchange networks, or lack focus on link quality – all of which give a site an unnatural link profile with an emphasis on low quality linkage data.”

So how can one build mass links to a site without going down the shadowy valley of link scams and networks which may lead to Google banishment?

Wall lends some ideas and bonuses of natural link building:

Natural viral link campaigns have the following bonuses:

* are hard for competitors to duplicate
* competitors even requesting links the wrong way from certain opinionated high authority authors can end up hurting their brand equity.
* drive usage data – ie: they usually spread through the active portions of the web
* give you a safety net…if your site is ever removed from the search results viral links will still provide direct traffic (and revenue) as well as help fill up search results for your brand with positive comments that further help improve your trustworthiness and conversion rate

Aaron also adds that a site may want to first establish itself naturally before embarking on some of the more traditional SEO oriented linking campaigns, like submitting to directories or syndicating link filled articles to sites like GoArticles or the Article Announce Yahoo Group.

I’d also like to add that by thinking globally and acting locally, link building can bring some high quality local links from businesses, friends, organizations and even schools which would be difficult to get from sites or businesses you cannot deal with in the physical world.

So, what are some other ways to build natural links? (please leave a comment)

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Building Links Too Quickly?

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