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BrowseGoods : The Google Maps of Shopping

Ever wonder what it would be like to sift through bins of thousands of items like one would at a flea market or a mall, while on your computer?

BrowseGoods has taken advantage of Web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax and put together a realistic online representation of the real world shopping experience.

Brian Smith of ComparisonEngines has an indepth review of BrowseGoods, and here’s a snippet which kind of sums up the entire experience.

BrowseGoods allows a user to intuitively browse through a large catalog of products and control his or her own experience. This is very similar to the offline shopping experience where the store has organized products into different departments, then different aisles, then different shelves, then finally different sections on those shelves.

With BrowseGoods, if I’m looking for a watch, it’s the same type of experience. I click on the watch department, then I zoom in on Men’s, then I pan over and zoom in on ‘casual’, then ‘leather banded’, then the brand (Seiko, Diesel, Disney, Kenneth Cole, etc.).

Once in this section, I can zoom in even more to see the individual watches and then pan around to find the one I like. At any time, I can click on a specific watch to see the details. The screen that pops up allows me to click through to buy, email the item, or save it. If you save an item and zoom out, you’ll see a flag indicating it, like a pinpoint on a map.

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BrowseGoods : The Google Maps of Shopping

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