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BrightEdge Unveils New Technology That Puts SEO on Autopilot

BrightEdge Autopilot Jim Yu

During the keynote address at Share19 in New York, BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu announced a new technology that could make a major difference for digital marketers.

The patented technology, called BrightEdge Autopilot, completely automates certain SEO tasks — it will be available in early 2020, and if it does everything Yu says it will, it’s a game changer.

Specifically, BrightEdge Autopilot will identify and perform SEO tasks that don’t need a human touch, including:

  • Duplicate content issues
  • Broken links
  • Mobile issues
  • Page performance
  • Infrastructure issues

It’s SEO running in the background, 24 hours a day, in real time.

“This was really, really hard technology to build,” said BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu. “We’ve been building it for 12 years.”

He and CTO Lemuel Park came up with the idea of making certain aspects of SEO autonomous by listening to their clients.

“Time and again we heard the same thing: digital marketing teams were challenged by limited resources and organizational silos — and their own bandwidth was limited thanks to repetitive, laborious, and soul-crushing repetitive tasks.”

How BrightEdge Made SEO Autonomous

Yu likens BrightEdge Autopilot to a self-driving car.

“You have to drive a car millions of miles to develop self driving capabilities, and it’s the same thing with creating autonomous SEO,” Yu said.

“We’ve been testing and tuning different algorithms for 12 years,” he said.

During those 12 years, they’ve studied 345 petabytes of data — to put that into perspective, that’s 57 times the size of all the photos on Instagram.

They’ve also crawled 500 billion pages – meaning that if every single person in the world had a webpage, each of those pages would have been crawled 71 times.

Put simply, they’ve tested, tested, and tested again, across different industries and businesses. They’re currently running BrightEdge Autopilot on more than 1,700 sites.

On average, the customers using BrightEdge Autopilot have seen:

  • 60% increase in page views per visit
  • 21% more keywords on Page 1 rankings
  • 2X increase in conversions
  • 28% improvement in ad quality score

“Large sites with tons of pages really benefit from the self-healing aspects of BrightEdge Autopilot. It helps whenever things get broken. And, of course, even as you fix things, other things get broken again — but the self-healing is always running in the background to address issues like orphan pages and duplicate content,” Yu said.

Meanwhile, he said smaller sites are benefiting from the mobile performance improvement and self-linking pages.

Autopilot ensures that your site is always (automatically) promoting the right content, driving users to related content, and optimizing your site flow.

BrightEdge Autopilot provides three main solutions for businesses of all sizes across all industries by:

  • Self-connecting pages.
  • Self-healing infrastructure.
  • Self-enhancing mobile.

“With BrightEdge Autopilot, you can compress the time it takes to do the SEO tasks you need to do so you can stay ahead — and focus on innovating and creating,” Yu said.

BrightEdge Autopilot in the Wild

Campbell’s Soup Company has early access to BrightEdge Autopilot.

At the Share19 conference in New York, Campbell’s Global SEO Manager Amanda Ciktor shared the impact of BrightEdge Autopilot.

Ciktor reported that she was able to get BrightEdge Autopilot up and running within a day — and the results speak for themselves.

  • 4,000 keywords moved to Page 1.
  • 75,000 images were compressed automatically.
  • 35% pages earned a faster mobile page speed.
  • There was an overall 5 second load time improvement.

And it’s not just Campbell’s that is seeing success.

Brands across numerous industry verticals have seen dramatic performance improvement with up to and over 65% immediate uplift.

Featured Image Credit: Kristi Kellogg

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BrightEdge Unveils New Technology That Puts SEO on Autopilot

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