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Break Out of the Google Penalty Box!

Has your site been hit with a Google Penalty? Do you feel that your site has been penalized by Google and this is keeping you from achieving your deserved Google Rankings?

Well, if you’ve done something wrong or if Google has dropped your toolbar pagerank or let you know via Webmaster Tools that you’ve been penalized, you can fill out a Reconsideration Request :

Or, if this doesn’t help, try some of the tips that Barry posted over at Search Engine Roundtable this morning : Can’t Shake A Google Penalty? What To Do Next? :

– Fix trailing slash duplicate content issue through a 301
– Fix ‘index.php’ duplicate content issue through a 301
– Fix ‘www’ subdomain canonical duplicate content issue through a 301
– Added a privacy policy
– Built a couple of nice high-quality links through guest posting.
– Added new quality content on a regular basis
– Added a tagcloud to improve crawlability
– Added noindex,follow on the individual tag-pages to prevent duplicate content
– Removed interlinking (it was only minor anyways)
– Added valid XML Sitemap

[These tips were via a post on Webmaster World ]

A lot of these should be on your basic SEO start-up To Do list, but if they are not, they may not just assist with Google Penalties, but assist with your all around site SEO. Which brings a new question : Is your site being penalized or is it just not Google friendly and confusing Google bots?

Something to think about.

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Break Out of the Google Penalty Box!

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