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Brave Launches Mistral-Powered CodeLLM In Search Results

Brave Search launches CodeLLM, a programming assistant built on the Mistral AI model.

  • Brave Search launched CodeLLM, an AI tool to improve programming queries
  • CodeLLM taps Brave's search engine to provide relevant, contextual results for developers.
  • CodeLLM is built on the Mistral AI model.
Brave browser logo on smartphone

Brave Search has announced the integration of a new feature, CodeLLM, enhancing search results for programming-related queries.

CodeLLM combines Brave’s search capabilities with the power of large language models (LLMs) to provide relevant code snippets, detailed explanations, and citations for programmers’ search queries.

A New Resource For Coding Assistance

CodeLLM is designed to assist programmers by providing AI-generated code snippets based on search results, with step-by-step explanations and source citations for reference and validation.

It’s built on the foundation of Mistral, an advanced language model capable of generating code from text prompts.

Brave automatically deploys CodeLLM for programming queries and generates a widget above normal web search results.

The widget triggers CodeLLM to return an AI-generated response summarizing key information and providing sample code grounded in the search results.

In an announcement, Brave highlights CodeLLM’s ability to tap into the contextual power of a dedicated search engine in real-time.

According to the company, that’s what sets it apart from generalized language models:

“As the models get more accessible, and more affordable to run, the value-add is the context we’re able to provide to them.”


CodeLLM is immediately available for all Brave Search users on both desktop and mobile without needing to toggle settings or download additional software.

Brave plans to continue improving CodeLLM’s capabilities and offer its results through the Brave Search API for use by third-party applications in the near future.

About Brave Search

The launch of CodeLLM comes two years after Brave Search was introduced as an independent alternative to dominant search engines like Google.

Brave claims its search engine doesn’t track users or collect personal data.

Brave’s search index draws from the Web Discovery Project (WDP), which contains over 20 billion quality pages, with 700 million pages indexed daily.

Per the company’s data, Brave Search serves over 25 million queries per day.

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Brave Launches Mistral-Powered CodeLLM In Search Results

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