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BlueGlass Expands to Australia : The Land Down Under

BlueGlass Expands to Australia : The Land Down Under

BlueGlass Interactive is expanding into its first full International venture, the launch of BlueGlass Australia, which is a sister agency project between BlueGlass Interactive and ireckon.


Since the inception of BlueGlass, the goal has been smart expansion and scaling out our ability to provide services not only for companies, brands and sites not only located in the United States, but also abroad. BlueGlass Australia is the first step in realizing [or realising] this goal.

  • BlueGlass Australia is a full service Internet marketing agency exclusively serving the Australian market.
  • BlueGlass Australia will utilize [utilise] BlueGlass’ Internet marketing tools and talent combined with Ireckon’s expertise in app, tool and web development.

“For us, making Australia the first step in our global expansion was a relatively easy decision,” said Greg Boser, President of Services and Products for BlueGlass Interactive. “It was fueled by a growing need for marketing services on the Australian continent, a strong, stable economy and an amazing partner on the continent that shared our vision for where online marketing services are going.”

I will now refer you over to the announcement on the BlueGlass Blog : Announcing BlueGlass Australia: Down Under’s New Agency of Record.

You can also check out the release at Yahoo Finance : BlueGlass Interactive Goes Global with the Launch of BlueGlass Australia

[Disclosure – I am a Partner at BlueGlass Interactive and their VP of Services]

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