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BlueFind Web Directory Back From the Dead?

BlueFind Web Directory Back From the Dead?

Remember BlueFind, the staff reviewed & edited web directory from John Scott of Remember back in the SEO Salad Days when BlueFind was PageRank 8, and submitting your site to it was a must in most Search Engine Optimization & link popularity campaigns?

Well BlueFind is back (never went away really) with a PageRank update (now at Google PageRank 6), a new design, cleaned up URL strings, and a spam free directory – worth giving a second look for your search marketing & link building plans.

Scott writes on his Internet Marketing Blog :

No more sponsored listings in BlueFind, and no more web page listings. Web pages may be listed in BlueFind, but no differentiation will be made. A listing in BlueFind is a listing, whether it’s a web page, a website (home page) or a subdomain.

What else is changing? A lot. Those of you familiar with BlueFind may notice that the home page has changed today. This is only the second major redesign of BlueFind’s home page in the three years or so since BlueFind came to life.

Another difference is the back end used to run the directory. BlueFind is a much better directory now, in my opinion, and my favorite feature is more descriptive URL’s. In the past, the URL of the regional directory looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

We will be growing the directory by adding authority sites in the relevant categories and making the directory more useful to consumers.

Oh yeah, what happened to the BlueFind PageRank 8?

Google zapped BlueFind about a year ago with a PageRank 0, some in the SEO industry were claiming that this is because BlueFind was selling PageRank. John says that BlueFind’s staff was a bit to lax and let a lot of sites through their filters, which led to an overhaul of the directory, and the staff.

More on the BlueFind PageRank history and about BlueFind getting its PageRank back from v7n forums.

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BlueFind Web Directory Back From the Dead?

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