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BlowSearch Adds MultiLanguage Search

BlowSearch, a leading provider of Internet search tools, will provide users with the ability to obtain search results in Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.

Users simply have to enter a search term in a language other than English and BlowSearch will automatically provide results in that language. In addition, users can set preferences that direct BlowSearch to search in a specific language. The multi-language search tool is offered alongside other advanced search tools including adult filtering, spelling correction and the ability to highlight query terms in search results.

“As developers of online tools, we have to recognize the fact that the Internet transcends borders and languages. It has a culture all its own.” said Richard Kahn, chief operating officer of BlowSearch. “f you don’t offer your online product in multiple languages, you’re turning away potential customers.”

BlowSearch’s Multi-Language search is the most recent addition to BlowSearch’s family of Internet tools. BlowSearch also offers a proprietary Meta PPC search engine and the BlowSearch Toolbar, an application that runs within a Web browser. The BlowSearch Toolbar provides access to BlowSearch services such as weather, a live ABC News feed and pop-up blocking, while visiting any site on the Internet.

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BlowSearch Adds MultiLanguage Search

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