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Bloggers took the Internet by storm in 2004

Bloggers took the Internet by storm in 2004

Bloggers took the Internet by storm in 2004

Users on the Internet have been blogging since ages. I have seen people maintaining their journals online for over a decade now. However, with the convenience that Google’s and LiveJournal offers, almost everyone and I mean almost everyone I know have a Blog on the Internet. Now, online news sources have confirmed that blogging took the world by storm in the year 2004.

Major happenings like American Elections and Iraq War were covered nicely in Blogs and it even created media furor by starting mass campaigns against certain government policies. People express their opinions, which are mass communicated throughout the world. In the end, everyone and anyone get a platform to express himself.

Statistics show that 27% of the online adults in the USA read Blogs regularly. This number has on an average grown 10% in the last couple of months. The latest catastrophe to hit the earth, tsunami is already showing its influence on the blogging world as throughout the Internet Blogs have cropped up spreading the news about the event and encouraging visitors to donate for the relief fund.

However, a large number of people on the Internet are still unaware of this trend, but it would not take long for them to get hooked.

Sushubh Mittal is the Search Engine Journal Technical Columnist and the Editor of TechWhack

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