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Blogger Adds Picture Uploads – The WSJ Effect

Blogger Adds Picture Uploads – The WSJ Effect

Blogger Adds Picture Uploads – The WSJ Effect

Blogger was the last choice for The Wall Street Journal when it came to comparing Blogger vs MSN Spaces vs Yahoo 360. Seems like Google was quick to react to the WSJ report. Atleast to some part of the report.

Now you can post pictures in Blogger too! The image icon in the post editor’s toolbar will allow any users (with blogs on BlogSpot or published via FTP) to upload images to their blogs.

Or, you can enter the URL of an image that is already online and have it inserted into your post.And something similar to Hello interface, you can choose the layout of the picture in the post (Or use CSS)

Blogger Adds Picture Uploads – The WSJ EffectBlogger however did not update the Third Part add-ons page – There is no mention of the new Blogger Images service – Windows users can also post photos directly to their blogs with the Hello BloggerBot.

Blogger Images Storage allows you to upload up to 300mb of images.

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