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BlogBurst Distributes Blog Content to Traditional Media

BlogBurst Distributes Blog Content to Traditional Media

BlogBurst, the blog to [online versions of] print media offering from Pluck which was announced last night via TechCrunch‘s 2.0 party, brings new meaning to the old “if you can’t beat them, join them” saying. BlogBurst is a service which will distribute the content of preapproved blogs to online versions of newspapers (and I’m expecting the print versions in due time).

Blogs which apply for the program will not be compensated for their content and instead will receive widespread recognition from publishers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and the Houston Chronicle. Stories reposted by BlogBurst partners will receive a byline and attribution or link back to the blog.

Update from Pluck:

BlogBurst will definitely have a compensation option for bloggers. We are using the beta period to get a sense for how the system performs for bloggers and publishers alike. We understand the system has to be balanced to create a win-win for everyone involved.

In a world were reporters are leaving their positions to blog and newspapers are resorting on printing the oversaturated junk from press release and Associated Press wire services; BlogBurst will become a fresh alternative to publishers looking to fill space with premium and original content. For bloggers approved for the program, it will bring incredible publicity of and an added sense of an authority source to their blogs (along with traffic of course).

BlogBurst, which reminds me of what Yahoo is doing with their Yahoo News service and the distribution of content from select blogs, does infact bring one to wonder if this will lead to the end of print journalism as we know it, and the forementioned wire services.

BlogBurst is currently looking for blogs which are well written and include niche topic fouced content in travel, women’s issues, technology, food & entertainment, and local metro news.

Requirements for blogs for entry into BlogBurst include:

* Full text syndication feed in RSS or Atom; most common blogging systems will work fine
* At least weekly posting
* No advertising in your feed (for now)
* Family-friendly language and content
* Distinct, intelligent writing style

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BlogBurst Distributes Blog Content to Traditional Media

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