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Blog Session at CNET Japan Search Conference

Blog Search Session at CNET Japan Conference

The blogging session here at CNET Japan Innovation Conference is moderated by the CNET Japan Blog Editor. First up is Ask Jeeves Japan, which covered their Bloglines powered Ask Blog Search for Japan, which tracks over 10,000,000 blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds and also markets subscriptions via the Bloglines RSS Reader, which is quite popular here in Japan. The Ask presentation covered the differences between normal web site search and blog search. Such differences included HTML spidering vs. RSS feed index and keyword relevance in searches.

Goo was next with its company background and info on how blog page views have grown on Goo over the past two years. Goo blog search results are quite similar to Yahoo’s, with choices to subscribe to RSS feed or read blog directly by clicking over, I do believe that sharing the blog among friends is also offered. Goo also offers “Trend Ranking” which is similar to IceRocket’s or BlogPulse’s trend tracking services. Goo blog services go beyond the browser and onto mobile phones and email alert services.

Technorati Japan followed Goo with an overview of their Japanese blog search service. According to Technorati they cover 90% of Japanese blogs with services such as B2B business tracking, content tracking, and enhanced blog search. Like Technorati US, the Japan version also tracks the most popular blog stories and also offers mobile phone blog search.

Final blog search presentation was from LiveDoor, a Japanese portal with blogging offering and blog search. Blogs are 35% of LiveDoor’s traffic. 45% of LiveDoor bloggers are women, as blogging is much more popular among Japanese females, especially moms & housewives, than Americans. As stated by Daniel from Ask Jeeves today, personal blogging is very popualr in Japan, but the market for business, news or product review oriented blogging (Pro Blogging) is a bit weaker than the United States or Europe. I wonder how strong the contextual advertising market is here and whether the lack of a sound monetization structure has something to do with the gap. Google AdSense does have a Japanese offering, however, so this may not be the case.

A moderated Question and Answer session followed the introductions. Such discussion included the popularity of blogging, indexing so many blogs, keywords used in blog content, mobile blog reading and RSS aggregation, difference between blog service domains and independently owned domains, portal news search offerings, Google News, American blogging trends, local, and mathematical algorithms.

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Blog Session at CNET Japan Search Conference

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