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Blog Search Engine Powered by Google Custom Search

In an effort to fully understand the technology and offerings behind Google Custom Search Engine, I have changed Blog Search Engine’s search index over to a Google Co-op powered search index which will only serve blogs contributed by volunteers (and blog owners) who sign up to submit to the Blog Search Engine via Google.

I found the implementation of the search box, search result page, and AdSense advertisements to be incredibly easy and am now building a custom base index for the Blog Search Engine based upon my favorite blogs, popular blogs, and spam free blog networks.

The Blog Search Engine crunches about 5,000 blog searches per day, so if you join and submit your blog, chances are you will enjoy some extra traffic from our new limited and quality (spam free?) search index.

Join our Blog Search Engine Google Co-op group and submit your blog along with your favorite blogs in the blogosphere.

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Blog Search Engine Powered by Google Custom Search

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