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Blog Search Engine Going Through Blog Makeover

Blog Search Engine Going Through Blog Makeover

Blog Search Engine ( is currently in the works of a new format, which will make its core design more of, well, a blog. Sure, you can still use the Blog Search Engine to search one of the world’s largest indexes of over 10,000,000 blogs and moblogs – but we’re looking to add some more featrues. Blog Search Engine has been in existence for years, and is now also a “sister site” of Search Engine Journal which will focus on blogging related news along with showcasing featured blogs.

Given Google’s recent launch of its “Blog Search”, I’ve decided to introduce our readers to the ‘original’ Blog Search Engine. The Blog Search Engine format is now managed via WordPress, an open source platform I’ve used for a while here at the Search Engine Journal. We’re still working on the kinks with the template, as I am not a programmer and Sushubh Mittal is backed up with projects. However, we’ve been itching to get something out there now as our former template left much to be desired.

Blog Search Engine is also still partnered with IceRocket Blog Search for our search engine results and while maintaining the directory now in ‘living blog’ format, we may be launching a new in depth blog directory offering in 2006. We’ve been working with IceRocket now for about 9 months and they have powered our search results on and off over that time. Blake Rhodes, their CEO, is fantastic and hopefully the more they grow, the more our index can offer. As for the directory, I’m seeing how the blog platform handles with directory management as opposed to constantly edit and review additions and constantly dealing with spam, we’re more or less adding them ourselves. If you program directory scripts and have something you’d like to recommend, please feel free to drop me a line.

We’re planning on adding group blogging, more RSS syndication, comments, integration with the BloggerTalk forum, and other nifty features to the Blog Search Engine to make it a better place to search and an entertaining community to hang out on. We’re also looking for critiques, insight, and ideas, so if you’d like to comment or contact us, please feel open to do so.

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Blog Search Engine Going Through Blog Makeover

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