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Blog Search Engine Adds MoBlog Search

Blog Search Engine Adds MoBlog Search

Blog Search Engine and IceRocket Search have partnered to bring cell phone pic blogs, or MoBlogs, into the search engine world with a new search feature which produces image results of the latest MoBlogs images available. Blog Search Engine has over 10,000 blogs indexed in its blog directory and this new feature gives them a jump on other cutting edge search engines in the blogging world. The partnership between the two companies utilizes IceRocket search technology to serve search results from TextAmerica blog entries – a MoBlog only blog hosting service.

While Google and Yahoo are trying to accumulate the largest web image search index, bloggers and site publishers are finding other targets for web search. TextAmerica’s MoBlog service offers some of the latest and most rapidly updated images online. If one is looking for some online pics of a John Kerry or George W. Bush rally, it makes much more sense to search via MoBlogs than 3 month old image search engine indexes.

“IceRocket’s MoBlog search technology brings a new dimension to the Blog Search Engine which we never had before, we’re a much better blog searching solution now with our new search functionality” said Loren Baker, owner of the Blog Search Engine.

Blake Rhodes, CEO of IceRocket notes “Blog search is incredibly important, sometimes you like to know what other people think besides the traditional media. Besides, MoBlogs are fun, they really let you see what others are up to.” If you’ve heard of IceRocket before, it’s the search engine that Mark Cuban of fame and the Dallas Mavericks invested in earlier this year. IceRocket has been hailed by many for their approach to “pioneering commercial search by putting the interests of wants and consumers before advertisers.”

What are MoBlogs?

MoBlog stands for mobile weblog which consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile or portable device, such as a cellular phone or PDA. According to Wikipedia, much of the earliest development of moblogs occurred in Japan, among the first countries in the world where camera phones (portable phones with built-in cameras) were widely commercially available.

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Blog Search Engine Adds MoBlog Search

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