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Blog Advertising Survey – Revenue and Sources

Blog Advertising Survey – Revenue and Sources

Blog Advertising Survey – Revenue and Sources

Just discovered some enlightening surveys about blog revenue. The graphs are great and the info is interesting. Not sure how wide the survey was or how representative it is of the average blogger. But I find the stats interesting enough to start a discussion about. Most bloggers only make $20 a month? Note: affiliate programs are not even mentioned as a revenue source, only AdSense and some other blog ad type networks.

Qumana Blog :: Blog Advertising Earnings Survey states: On a per month basis, 69% of our bloggers (those who previously indicated they participate in advertising programs) earn less than $20 per month from all income sources: advertising & sponsorship. It’s rather a pity that so many bloggers, of whom we have identified as being experienced, are not seeing any return for their efforts.

A previous Qumana Blog:: Survey about “Advertising in Blogs” says:

Out of a 89 respondents, only 33 people participate in advertising programs of any sort, and of those, only 7 knowingly insert advertisements into their feeds.

Analyzing the data further, those most likely to be participants in advertising programs were more likely to write on 3 or more blogs and to be more active in the blogosphere for greater than 6 months – this supports the premise that experienced bloggers are more likely to want to earn revenue, at least in part, for their efforts.

I blog for traffic! I blog about things I think are helpful to the industry and things I am passionate about BUT revenue still plays a part. Granted I don’t show Adsense or other blog type ads in my blog, Yet – but blogging for me is a means to an end. My increased traffic creates more revenue for my business in a way.

There are many types of bloggers. I’m sure many bloggers blog just to blog and some blog about topics they are passionate about. But wouldn’t most bloggers like to monetize their blogs if they could??? What type of blogger are you? Why do you blog and would you like to earn more revenue for your efforts? How do you currently monetize your blog? I know Nick tried a stint with Intellitext. What ad mediums do you find most effective for your blog and why? Curious minds want to know…

Linda Buquet, Affiliate Programs Columnist – Linda is the president of 5 Star Affiliate is an Affiliate Management Consultant that represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. The 5 Star site also features all the best affiliate blogs and SEO news, as well as a friendly Internet marketing forum.

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Blog Advertising Survey – Revenue and Sources

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