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Blinkx Taps MIVA for Blinkx.TV and Toolbar Sponsored Listings

Blinkx Taps MIVA for Blinkx.TV and Toolbar Sponsored Listings

Running one of the Internet’s most innovative video search engines can become costly and blinkx.TV, the video content search engine and video blogging network, has signed on with MIVA (aka. FindWhat in the US and eSpotting in UK, depending on which side of the pond you’re on) to serve sponsored search advertisements on blinkx.TV and blinkx toolbar search results. MIVA and blinkx have set up blinkx SMART ADS which will allow blinkx to deliver targeted paid-listings from MIVA’s paid search network to their audience.

MIVA says that The Smart Ads Platform is unique in that it is able to understand the context of a user’s current desktop activity and use that understanding to automatically link users to a relevant ad. This higher level of precision should benefit blinkx users and MIVA advertisers alike, delivering more targeted revenue opportunities to advertisers and a more focused experience for users.

Wonder what they are meaning by desktop activity? Is this some sort of user profiling, behavioral targeting, or contextual targeting… or all? Or maybe it just means they will serve ads relevant to the Blinkx desktop search queries and they’re trying to fluff it up a bit with the above statement.

Suranga Chandratillake, CTO and Founder, blinkx said: “We’re pleased to launch our new Smart Ads Platform in conjunction with MIVA; the alliance provides a strong foundation upon which we intend to launch our revenue strategy. MIVA’s strength lies in their ability to connect buyers and sellers at the right time; their creative approach, combined with blinkx’s unique technology will provide a direct and, above all, highly relevant link between advertisers and users. blinkx is already re-defining search; we believe this partnership with the leading independent Performance Marketing Network will allow us to re-define the economics of search.”

Hmm.. Guess this means that Blinkx may not be a Fox Interactive acquisition target anymore. Hopefully they’ll be able to hold their own out there as Google and Yahoo work to tweak their video search and hosting offerings.

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Blinkx Taps MIVA for Blinkx.TV and Toolbar Sponsored Listings

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