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Blinkx Gives Another Option for Blog/Site Monetization

blinkx_adhoc.jpgFollowing on the heels of Google’s recent announcement of the Adsense video units, video search engine Blinkx announced that it will also reward blog/site owners for embedding Blinkx videos on their respective sites.

Using its contextual advertising platform for video called Adhoc, relevant and unobtrusive ad widgets will be placed against video contents culled from popular sharing sites such as YouTube, Google Video and DailyMotion. Blinkx will give 50% of revenues generated from those widgets to blog/site owners.

Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of Blinkx that the new program is a way of rewarding those who are responsible for the explosive growth of online video.

We wanted to reward people for the role they played in sharing and promoting video legally on the Web. blinkx’s new AdHoc widget enables Internet users to monetize the video they choose to embed on their webpages and blogs quickly and easily

The Adhoc Tab will be available today as announced on the Blinkx blog, but as of this writing it has not appear there yet. Anyway, once the Adhoc Tab starts to propagate on the Blinkx site, you can register to start earning money from videos that you embed into your website. To enable the Adhoc widgets ads, just do the following two simple steps:

  • Copy and paste the Adhoc widgets code into your blogs/sites,
  • Copy the video embed code from video content sites such as Yahoo, mySpace or Google Video

One thing that was not clear though is whether Blinkx would pay on a pay-per-click or pay-per-action basis and if the ad program is available for blogs/sites worldwide. If it is so, then the Adhoc ad widgets for videos is a good alternative for the for-U.S.-publishers only Adsense video units.

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Blinkx Gives Another Option for Blog/Site Monetization

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