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Blekko Wins Over Flipboard

Those who have paid attention, with neurotic intensity, to my entries over the last few months (and why wouldn’t you?) know that I enjoy Blekko. I don’t particularly use it (it only indexes a fraction of the web, it isn’t attached to any of my other accounts, and I’m more used to finding the “right results for me” in Google, etc.), but I do like how much spirit the young company has. Released in November, Blekko has already risen to three-quarters of a million unique monthly visitors, and that number is only growing. This is especially true thanks to their recent partnership with Flipboard.

Those who aren’t familiar with Flipboard should really pay more attention to iPad apps. Flipboard is one of the big names in app development (in the top 25 “most downloaded,” in fact); it’s a “social media magazine,” and as the first company with that idea they are the progenitor of an entire genre of apps. The fact that Flipboard has decided to use Blekko instead of Google or other competitors for their RSS search indicates a high level of faith in the seven-month-old search engine.

But it does more than that as well. It shows a greater level of commitment to a web without spam from Flipboard, contributing even more to the tides of general search engine development. Further, Blekko will now be gaining even more exposure through this popular platform. This partnership can be added to a list of alliances that includes Topix, Stack Overflow, and Merchant Circle.Blekko’s stunning 30% growth from March to April may just be the beginning.

[via the Blekko Blog]


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Blekko Wins Over Flipboard

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