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Blekko Releases “14 Fact” Infographic

Blekko Releases “14 Fact” Infographic

Blekko, the search site that “slashes out spam,” has been doing well these past few months. Since its release, it has continued to grow in both unique monthly visitors and monthly search queries. Perhaps most importantly, though, Blekko’s fans are loyal. One group, in fact, was loyal enough to create a “14 fact” infographic.

Fun Facts from the Infographic

Blekko Releases “14 Fact” Infographic

The infographic, created by Razvan Gavrilas and a team over at Cognitive SEO, goes over the key points of Blekko – highlighting its industry assets, unique approach, and the importance of what it does. Here are some of the most interesting facts from the list:

  • Fact two: If Blekko reached 1 percent of search share, it would be a billion dollar company.
  • Fact three: April of 2011 saw a major benchmark in the number of searches on Blekko. Despite being only five months old, Blekko had 50 million search queries.
  • Fact five: Blekko has blocked 1.1 million “spam sites.”
  • Fact seven: Blekko currently has over 200,000 unique visitors each month.
  • Fact eleven: You can grab free SEO data on any site through the “SEO” link on Blekko’s SERP.

The infographic also discusses other important elements of Blekko’s business, including the 10-point “Web Search Bill of Rights,” information on the company founders, a Blekko timeline, and details on Blekko’s investors. You can check out the full infographic here. Those who are looking for a change of pace can then search via Blekko, or even see which results they like best in Blekko’s “3 engine monty” game.

[Sources include: Blekko Blog & Cognitive SEO]

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Blekko Releases “14 Fact” Infographic

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