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Blekko Comes to Mobile

There’s been plenty of warring in the world of search, and one of the more important territories can be found in mobile devices. Bing has gained an advantage in this territory simply due to their well-designed app, Google has secured its territory with various default features on mobile, and Yahoo has taken a hit because of its existence in “no man’s land.” Now, Blekko has announced it will be plummeting into the battlefield by releasing a mobile device application for both Android and iOS devices.

For those who haven’t been watching the world of search engines very closely, Blekko is the fiesty underdog of the search engine community, presenting the market with a truly innovative idea that aims at fighting spam. They would seem more negligible if it wasn’t for the fact that this exact description could have described Google back in the 1998 to 2001 period. Further, Blekko has been getting more than a little media attention in the recent “anti-Google spam” frenzy started by Vivek Wadhwa.

Blekko has been pushing the spam issue hard, launching a “spam clock” to remind users how much spam is being launched on the Web. The end result is Blekko has seen a significant increase in popularity. Coming to the world of mobility only makes sense, and it seems they’re intent on doing a full job of the project.

While there are certain features that might not be integrated (Facebook “/liked” slashtag searches, for example), and some that aren’t connected as fully as they should be (such as local searches connecting to GPS or trilinear location), most of Blekko is in-tact. Users will be able to view, use, and manage their slashtags directly from the interface; access real-time data, “pivot” between different search tags; report a result as being spam; and, of course, gain access to Blekko’s repository of human-reviewed sites.

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Blekko Comes to Mobile

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