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Black Friday Ads, Sales and Online Shopping

Black Friday Ads, Sales and Online Shopping

Once again, today is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and a lot of Americans are sitting around, still digesting their turkey & trimmings, and figuring out how to spend their weekend. I’m home with my family this Thanksgiving, and enjoying a coffee while many price minded American shoppers are taking full advantage of Black Friday sales in a hurting US economy.

Black Friday Ads, Sales and Online Shopping
Black Friday, like many other traditional shopping trends, has made its way from the brick and mortar chaos to, well, online shopping chaos, with hordes of other stuffed shoppers looking to relax today, or work off the 5,000 calories of bird consumed yesterday.

Black Friday Sites

If you’re planning your Black Friday strategy today, check out Black Friday Online Deals. Also, the blog (black friday ads) may come in useful. is one of several sites working to index all the sales in all the Black Friday circulars, along with coupons for BestBuy, Wal-Mart and Sears. Other similar services include and

Black Friday Ads, Sales and Online Shopping

One newer and more (excuse me for this) Web 2.0 oriented Black Friday site is which includes Black Friday shopping tips and videos, Twits on Black Friday and affiliate links to Black Friday deals online.

Given that the majority of the links are via affiliate ads, I’m assuming that these sites really clean up during the last week of November. Is Black Friday a part of your online marketing strategy?

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Black Friday Ads, Sales and Online Shopping

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