Bizo’s David Karel Discusses B2B Retargeting

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In the latest installment of Search Engine Journal’s video series, SEJ’s Murray Newlands is talking with David Karel of Bizo about the importance of business to business retargeting and how Bizo can help.

When we asked Dave why retargeting was important from a business-to-business standpoint, he told us, “retargeting is an important tactic for any marketer…and I think retargeting has finally started to hit the mainstream for the B2B marketer, and it’s becoming, fundamentally it’s a way of retargeting website traffic, in the world of website retargeting, to get that second chance to put your message or display ad or an offer in front of someone who you’ve already spent a lot of money throughout other channels to get to your website.“

We also asked Dave about Facebook’s role in retargeting, especially in the business-to-business side, to which he told us that Facebook has become a “hugely compelling B2B channel” because of its massive audience and ability to identify users for retargeting. Karel explained, “Traditionally Facebook has a huge audience, a huge inventory of display…in the summer when Facebook, last summer, had initially opened the Facebook exchange, what that did is it allowed the opportunity for marketers to target third party data on Facebook. So a company like Bizo, who has this unique business audience data, we now can help our customers’ brands who are looking to reach, for example IT decision-makers and SMBs, we now can target very specific audiences, for example this IT decision-maker audience, when they’re on Facebook.”

To find out more about B2B retargeting, Facebook retargeting, and how Bizo is able to help increase its clients’ conversion rates, make sure to watch the interview with Dave in full.

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

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