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Bing’s Share of the Search Market is Growing Faster than Google’s

According to the latest numbers, comScore reports that Bing’s share of the search market grew more than Google’s this past April. To be exact, Bing’s market share rose by 0.2% while Google’s dropped by 0.2%.

Google’s total share of the US desktop search market has dipped below its previous 64% to 63.8%. Microsoft’s share of desktop search is now sitting at 21.6%.

So, why is Bing’s search share growing while Google’s dropping?The growth of Windows 10 could have had an effect, since Bing is integrated throughout the entire desktop operating system.

Bing recently stated that 25% of its searches are voice search, which immediately calls to mind its integration with Apple’s Siri, but for these numbers comScore is counting strictly desktop searches.

Still, Windows 10 could have led to an increase in voice searches on Bing thanks to its “Hey Cortana” feature. On Windows 10, a user can conduct a voice search from anywhere using that command. With more Windows users upgrading to Windows 10 it certainly makes sense that desktop voice searches could be making up some portion of that 25%.

We’ll see next month if the trend continues. There’s no doubt Google is still the king of desktop search and will be for the forseeable future, but it’s no less interesting that more people are searching on Bing now than they used to.

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Bing’s Share of the Search Market is Growing Faster than Google’s

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