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Bing’s Intelligent Answers Now Show Up to 5 Sources

Bing’s Intelligent Answers Now Show Up to 5 Sources

Bing has expanded its intelligent answers, first rolled out last December, to now include up to 5 sources that support the same answer.

Bing’s intelligent answers are much like Google’s quick answers. However, instead of pulling an answer from single source, Bing’s intelligent answers will only be displayed when the same answer is backed up by multiple trusted sources.

Intelligent answers will now be able to show 5 different websites which verify the same information. This feature is currently available in the US and UK.

Bing’s Intelligent Answers Now Show Up to 5 Sources

Other Bing Updates

In addition to expanding intelligent answers, Bing has also enhanced the search experiences for hotel searches and weather searches.

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Hotel Searches

When searching for a hotel on Bing, clicking on one of the options will open a full page experience showing prices from multiple booking providers, ratings, and availability by date.

The upgraded hotel search experience is available in the US and UK, though users will be able to get results for domestic and international destinations.

Weather Searches

When conducting a weather search in Bing, in addition to the usual forecast information, users will now see a live radar map for the city being searched for.

Bing will also display the forecast for nearby cities — including average temperature, rainfall, and snowfall.

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