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Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads Now Available to All US Advertisers

Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads, which have been in testing since last year, are now available to all US advertisers.

Like Google’s Dynamic Search Ads, these ads allow advertisers to create ad units based on site content.

Dynamic Search Ads are designed to let advertisers create ads effortlessly. Just write the ad copy, then Bing will dynamically create the headline and chose the most appropriate landing page based on the searcher’s query.

Bing will crawl a site’s content and use its machine learning algorithms to match suitable pages with relevant searches.

Advertisers can choose to target all webpages, specific webpages, or webpages that meet specific parameters.

”DSA is designed to help advertisers increase their impression volume, increase search term coverage and drive incremental clicks and conversions, while reducing the burdens of campaign set up and day-to-day management.”

Getting Started With Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads

In order to begin using Dynamic Search Ads, you will first need to sign up here.

Once you have signed up, then follow the steps below:

  1. Click create campaign and choose dynamic search ads.
  2. Enter campaign information.
  3. Choose which pages to target.
  4. Create ad text.
  5. Review and finalize campaign settings.

Dynamic Search Ads can be implemented from the Bing Ads web interface, API, or imported from Google AdWords.

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Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads Now Available to All US Advertisers

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