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Bing : Your Source for Playoff Tickets

In a world where Google is already the reputed source for searching, competitors must find niche doorways into the habits — and attention spans — of their users.  It’s for this reason that Yahoo abandoned its search to focus on side services, and it’s for that same reason that Bing sprung into existence — replacing its rather dull Live Search predecessor with a feature-rich platform. We’ve mentioned before that it’s pretty clear which targets Bing is aiming for, and most primary among them is sports.  It’s not shocking, then, that Bing has added yet another excellent feature designed specifically for sports fans.

As we enter playoff season (with quite a lineup of nail-biters already having been played), Bing has released a feature in its events section, as reported on the Bing blog.  The feature allows users to easily search through the available tickets to playoff games, checking from over fifty sources to find the best prices and seating available. It’s simple to narrow down your ticket search by choosing a price range, the number of seats, and which ticket providers you want to look at.

It doesn’t stop there, however.  An image of the stadium in question is displayed, allowing you to narrow your results by the section of seating. You can even go so far as checking out the specific view of the field from a given seating area, thanks to pictures provided from Bing. For those who want even more information, a link to the official website of the stadium is provided.

This new feature addition comes after the famed Bing tailgating competition, not to mention an array of other features designed to help sports enthusiasts and fantasy football players. Considering how large the football-loving crowd is, this particular targeting scheme certainly isn’t a bad idea.

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Bing : Your Source for Playoff Tickets

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