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Bing Updates Its Video Search For Improved Findability

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Bing Updates Its Video Search For Improved Findability

Bing has made strides lately to offer one of the most advanced image search engines on the web, and today the company announced it is making a similar effort to improve its video search.

The video search team at Bing boasts that its new video search “makes searching easier and faster. The design changes give you the information you need to quickly pick the right videos to watch.”

It accomplishes this in 4 key ways:

  • Bigger images: An increased size of the video thumbnail in search results, offering an expanded view of the video so you can more easily pick out the one you want to watch.
  • More information: Prior to watching the video, additional information has been added to Bing’s video search page such as channel, upload date, and view count.
  • Hero” answers for songs: Searching for a song will return an enlarged thumbnail image — what Bing considers to be the “hero”, for that song.
  • Related searches: Intwined in the video search results are suggestions for related searches based on your original search. These updates are built with tablets and smaller screens in mind.

Bing’s new video search is live now. Here’s a comparison of the search experience on Bing versus the search experience offered by Google when searching for the hit song “Outside” by Calvin Harris:

bing image searchScreenshot taken 19/6/2015 of www.bing.com/videos


Screenshot taken 19/6/2015 of www.google.com/videoScreenshot taken 19/6/2015 of www.google.com/video


Image Credit: blogs.bing.com


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