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Bing Revamps “Attractions” Presentation

Bing is continuing its heavy investment in travel features. Their most recent round of extras includes a revamp of how their “attractions” are displayed in the Bing SERP and Attractions page.

The Upgraded Bing Attractions

Bing introduced “Attractions” earlier this year as part of its ongoing efforts to provide travel search tools. Attractions compiles the tourist locations and places to see and presents them in an easy to understand, easy to sort through format. The individual attraction pages have also become more rich, with images, maps, and other details having been added since Attractions was first released.

This new rendition of Attractions brings several new features, including a quick compilation of top spots in a given area when you use a search term that includes both the location and the term “attractions.”

Users can then navigate to individual attraction pages or to the list of attractions for the area. From there, users can “filter attractions by category including museums, historical sites, places of geographical interest and tours, as well as by neighbourhood and lifestyle,” according to the Bing blog post announcing the changes. Other details listed on the Attractions page include user review data and images of the location itself.

Getting Into “Attractions”

If you have a location that you want to see in Bing’s Attractions feature, you’ll want to look to third party groups, such as W Cities and Trip Advisor. Details such as images and reviews are also imported from these outside groups. Since multiple review and data sources are used, the wise person’s tactic is mass proliferation: get your locale onto as many trip and tourist sites as you can.

When approached for a complete list of third party groups used for Attractions and for further information on alternative ways to submit a locale, Bing declined to comment.

[Sources include: the Bing Blog]

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Bing Revamps “Attractions” Presentation

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