Bing Releases Study On When US Cities Wake Up, Based On Search Data

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Inspired by a recent study on how US cities differ in terms of who arrives to work earliest, Bing took it upon themselves to perform a similar study about which US cities wake up earliest based on what time they get online.

What Bing found was San Francisco gets up earliest, New York gets up latest, and people tend to wake up earlier as the week goes on.

Bing calculated this data by looking at which time they receive 50% of daily peak traffic from each metro area in their local time zones. While the patterns are typically the same for all cities for all seven days of the week, Bing did find a 43 minute shift between the earliest risers and the late risers.

Based on Bing’s data, the metro area that wakes up earliest is San Francisco, reaching 50% of traffic at 6:43AM and the latest risers reside on the East coast, in New York City, which achieves 50% of peak traffic 43 minutes later at 7:32AM.

Bing also found that the average wake up time gets consistently earlier every weekday. By Friday morning, all US cities are getting up a full 22 minutes earlier than on Monday.

Here is the chart documenting what Bing found to be the wake up times for all 25 major US cities:

Image Credit: Bing

Image Credit: Bing


Here are the average wake up times for all cities by day of the week:

Image Credit: Bing

Image Credit: Bing


Do you find this data accurately reflects the general wake up times of people in your city?

As a Canadian I can’t speak to this data, but I feel like if a similar study were conducted on Canadian cities Bing might find we wake up later than even the latest risers in the United States. Or maybe that’s just me.


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  • Kelsey Jones

    Surprising! I would have thought that people would wake up the latest on Fridays (I know I do, ha)

  • Gerry

    Living on the west coast forces me to wake up earlier for meetings with coworkers in the east coast, Europe, and India. Perhaps that what’s slanting the curve?

  • Norm

    I guess this is more a conversation piece then anything really helpful. I would think if they are estimating when people are starting work, they should also estimate when people are finishing work, and from that who works longer.