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Bing to Integrate Chatbots into Search Results

Bing to Integrate Chatbots into Search Results

Bing is said to be integrating bots into its search results, a move which is expected to be announced at the annual Microsoft developer conference held from May 10–12.

Sources are saying the news about Bing’s new search bots is verified, which is based on the fact there is a session called “Chatbots on” at the Microsoft conference.

The session takes place on May 10 at 3:00 PM and is described as:

”Learn how chatbots enhance the Bing experience and how you can add your custom bots to”

Multiple sessions throughout the three-day conference revolve around bots, artificial intelligence, and Cortana. Perhaps we’ll learn more about the Cortana skills kit which was originally planned for launch at the beginning of this year.

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MSPowerUser reports Microsoft will have its own bots on the Bing home page, but developers will also be able to use the Bot Framework to create their own chatbots. The chatbots will work via Microsoft’s Skype.

A bot that’s currently in use is InfoBot, which connects with Wikipedia to deliver conversation-style answers to users’ queries. You may run into other bots currently being tested as well.

Expect to learn more about Bing’s bots after Microsoft’s Build conference later this week.


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