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Bing URL Indexing API – Users Claim Instant Ranking in 10 Minutes

Bing announced a new service, a URL and Content Submission API, that allows publishers to get instant indexing on Bing. The service uses a URL Submission API. Bing is also accepting testers for a service that accepts content directly for pages that are indexed but have been updated.


Bing’s announcement promises real-time web page indexing, the ability to submit millions of pages without waiting to be crawled and a dashboard for tracking the indexing status.

Testimonials: This is sick!

One of the program testers said that he was able to rank a brand new page within “a minute or so.”

This is what he had this to say:

“I knew when I publish a new article I could see indexing and ranking in 30-45 minutes because that is just when I checked.

Last night I refreshed some old content on jQuery, even gave it a fresh URL slug. I checked 10 minutes later and there I was #2 for ‘jquery obsolete’ on ”

Today I wrote an article on Chrome’s mixed content strategy. This time I checked a minute or so later and there I am, #2 again! ‘chrome mixed content’ This is sick guys.”

Content Submission

Screenshot of announcement of pilot program to sign up for direct content submission to Bing

Bing is currently accepting participants into a pilot program for submitting content that has been updated straight to Bing.  Instead of submitting the updated content for instant indexing you can submit the content itself. Sign up here for this testing program.


Although the announcement stated that this could benefit companies that have millions of new URLs that need indexing, the documentation sets a limit of 500 URLs per batch of submitted URLs.

“The max number of URLs that can be submitted in a batch is 500 unless it exceeds the available quota. GetUrlSubmissionQuota(String) should be called to determine how much urls can be submitted.”

How to Get Started

It’s simple to get started. All you have to do is sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools (and verify your site if it’s not already verified).


Any service that allows a user to submit content directly to Bing and actually begin ranking within minutes deserves to be seriously considered. It’s like free money, why would anyone not take it?

Bing’s Official Announcement:
URL and Content Submission API -Instantly index your website content on Bing

The Submit URL to Bing documentation

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Bing URL Indexing API – Users Claim Instant Ranking in 10 Minutes

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