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Bing HTML5 Coming Soon

I remember, years ago, when the concepts of HTML5 and CSS3 were first introduced to me. I was dating a designer back then, and she was beyond ecstatic for the new functionality that was on its way – while I smiled and nodded, not yet understanding what the change would mean. Now that the world has seen some amazing HTML5 functionality, however, everyone seems to get the picture. Among other groups who are buying into the immense capabilities of HTML5 is Bing, who will be introducing an updated version of their search site in the coming weeks.

The utilization of HTML5 will open a lot of doors for Bing, including some we’ve seen already in Google’s updates as of late last year. Here are a few of the items that will be included in Bing’s new search:

  • Animated background images for the core Bing search page.
  • Instant search results.
  • Smooth search history navigation.
  • Automatic slideshow creation for media searches.
  • “Hover window” previews of sites.

Since there isn’t a preview (although there is a preview site – it just doesn’t work yet), it’s difficult to say exactly how these search features will work. We do have a demonstration video, however, which gives a visual on what these varied elements will look like.

Rumors speculate that the new version of Bing will be released alongside IE9 (anticipated for early April), although the date of March 24th has also been provided by a member of the Microsoft India team. In either case, we’ll be seeing at least a beta version of this search within the next few weeks.

[via WinRumors]

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Bing HTML5 Coming Soon

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