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Bing Gaining Grounds on Comparison Shopping

Bing Gaining Grounds on Comparison Shopping

Gradually Microsoft’s massive promotional campaign for Bing and its search verticals may be starting to pay off.  The latest Hitwise statistics on comparison shopping tools for instance is showing that Bing Shopping’s market share has increased quite significantly  from the week ending June 6 to the week ending August 8.


Comparing the market share of Comparison Shopping Tools, Hitwise’s data showed that Bing Shopping’s market share increased by 169% from the week ending June 6 to the week ending August 8 making it the overall most visited comparison shopping tool. Prior to this, Bing Shopping was at the number 8 spot. But what is more significant is the fact that visits to the other comparison shopping tools declined due to the increase in Bing Shopping’s visitors.

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Even more interesting is the fact that 5.85% of the visitors of Bing Shopping came from Google with 75.01% of them new users, 3.54% came from Yahoo! Search with 68.41% of them new users. The rest of the visitors to Bing Shopping during the said period came from Bing (66.81% new user) and  MSN (49.88% new user).

Interestingly, these data may not have captured the effect of the “double savings day” promo gig which Bing has launched a few days ago.


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