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The Bing-Facebook Partnership’s Features Roll Out Today

A few weeks ago I posted about the Bing-Facebook partnership; their plan was to make search more social. This morning on Bing’s Search Blog Group Program Manager, Paul Yiu, posted that they have successfully and completely deployed the new social features they have created in partnership with Facebook. According to Yiu, the teams on both ends have done a few things in order to appease user feedback: showing users’ Facebook profile information in Bing searches and allowing users under the age of 18 to have their profile information appear in public search results.

Bing says of the former feature that as long as you have opted into sharing information with your friends inside Facebook already, that same information will appear in public searches conducted by your friends – whether you have chosen for it to appear there or not. And with the latter, both Bing and Facebook received comments from unsatisfied users about the inability to view search results for those friends that are under 18. Originally Bing decided to allow show those users that were over 18 years old in the public search results, even though Facebook allows members as young as 13 years old to join the social network.

With these changes made to the new social layer of the search engine, Bing (as well as Facebook) hopes that searchers will find their experience more favorable, as well as more personal and social.

What do you think? Will this social layer could have some Googler’s flocking to the Microsoft search engine?

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The Bing-Facebook Partnership’s Features Roll Out Today

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