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Bing Expands Webmaster Tools Performance Report

Microsoft updates Bing Webmaster Tools, offering detailed insights on website performance via consolidated search and chat metrics.

  • Bing expanded its Webmaster Tools Performance Report.
  • The update consolidates web search and chat metrics.
  • The Search Performance API now reports on all traffic.

Microsoft has announced an expansion of its Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report, providing website owners and SEO professionals with more detailed insights into how their sites perform on Bing’s search engine and chatbot.

Data From Bing Search & Chat

The improved Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report now offers insights beyond the previously available data related to web and crawl indexing performance.

The key change is the consolidation of metrics from both web search and chat onto a single dashboard. This gives a big-picture view of a website’s clicks, impressions, and engagement across Bing.

The report breaks out key numbers like:

  • Click-through rates for web pages and chat answers
  • Pages indexed and URLs crawled

Performance in verticals like images, videos, and news

Fabrice Canel of the Bing Webmaster Tools team states in an announcement:

“This update empowers webmasters to access crucial metrics, including clicks, impressions, and click-through rates for web and chat combined.”

The report provides a wealth of analytics for website owners to fine-tune sites for better discoverability and user experience.

Click-Through Metrics

Previously, the Bing Webmaster Tools performance report focused mainly on indexing statistics like the number of pages crawled.

Now, it incorporates click-through metrics across Bing services.

Canel explains:

“By accessing granular data across most information displayed, SEO professionals can gain deeper insights into their website’s performance across Bing, enabling them to compare, refine their strategies and, optimize their content and online presence to maximize clicks, impressions, and overall performance.”

The new report aims to help website owners understand how people interact with their content across Bing. With more data points, they can better optimize for search and measure the impact of SEO changes.

Update To Search Performance API

The updated Performance Report is accompanied by changes to the Search Performance API.

The API now reports on all traffic, not just web traffic. It allows performance data to be pulled into other applications, automating analysis workflows instead of manual exports.

The Bing team indicated a future update would allow data access per area, similar to the website.

This opens up many possibilities for segmentation and custom reporting. And it allows correlating Bing search data with other data sources.

In Summary

Microsoft’s update to Bing’s Webmaster Tools Performance Report and Search Performance API provides more granular data, consolidating metrics from web search and chat.

This upgrade allows website owners and SEO professionals to better understand their site’s performance on Bing and make informed decisions for content optimization.

Featured Image: Mehaniq/Shutterstock

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Bing Expands Webmaster Tools Performance Report

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