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Bing Expands Visual Search With Text Transcription, More

Bing Expands Visual Search With Text Transcription, More

Bing is expanding its Visual Search capabilities with text transcription, a math problem solver, and an overall faster search experience.

Text Transcription

Bing’s Visual Search will soon allow users to copy and search for text captured with a smartphone camera.

For example, it will be possible to:

  • Take a photo of a phone number to make a call
  • Add an email address as a contact
  • Navigate to a URL
  • Get directions to a physical address
  • Copy and paste text into the search bar

Bing Expands Visual Search With Text Transcription, More

“Have you ever been in a restaurant and found a dish you can’t pronounce… or identify? Snap a pic, tap the menu text and search. Need to copy that annoyingly long serial number or transcribe a website URL without typing? We have you covered.”

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Text transcription will roll out to the Bing app on iOS in the coming weeks.

Math Problem Solver

Bing’s Visual Search can solve math problems simply by taking a photo of the equation.

After taking a photo with the Bing app, tap the “Math” button in the bottom menu and Bing will return a step-by-step solution.

Bing Expands Visual Search With Text Transcription, More

This feature is currently available on iOS and will soon be coming to Android.

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Faster Search Experience

Bing is improving the speed of searching via an image on a web browser.

A redesigned Visual Search dialog box will allow users to drag and drop an image to conduct a search.

Users can also copy and paste images into the search box, search via URL, or take a photo with their computer’s camera.

This update is available now on


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