Bing Expands Their Knowledge Repository With More Interactive Content

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Bing Expands Their Knowledge Repository With More Interactive Content

Bing made an announcement today about an expansion to their knowledge repository, called Satori. They have added a few new features to enhance the search experience and, as they put it, “expand your knowledge of the world.”

Satori is Bing’s version of Google’s Knowledge Graph, which has been made a lot more useful and interactive thanks to these updates.

They features they have added are as follows:

Discover TED Talks
Searching for an individual who has given a TED Talk will bring up links to those TED Talks in Bing’s Snapshot pane. Bing suggests searching for people like Bill Gates, Al Gore, and Dan Gilbert to see examples of this new feature.

Listen to Famous Speeches and National Anthems Instantly
Similar to the TED Talks feature described above, searching for an individual who has delivered famous speeches will bring up links to audio clips of those speeches in the Snapshot pane. Bing suggests searching for people like Martin Luther King, John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt to see examples of this new feature.

Learn More with Online Courses
Searching for a leading University, like Harvard or Stanford, will bring up a list of popular free online courses being offered by these Universities in the Snapshot pane.

See How Universities Stack Up
Another feature related to Universities has Bing providing ranking information of top schools in the Snapshot pane when one of these universities is searched.

Explore Scientific Concepts at a Glance
Searching for a scientific concept, such as string theory or the theory of relativity, will bring up a snippet of information about that concept right in the SERPs.

A Quick View of Historic Events
Searching for a historic event will bring up will bring up a short summary right in the SERPs. Summaries include important facts, people involved, and notable dates.

Explore More with Related People
Hovering over related people in the Bing Snapshot pane will now give you some brief information about how the two individuals are related to each other.

Animal Research Made Easy
Searching for animals will bring of a list of relevant subspecies in the Snapshot pane.

Ask Bing
When you ask a specific question in the search bar, Bing will do their best to answer the question right in the search results.

Quickly Find App and Software Downloads
Searching for a piece of software will bring up a Snapshot featuring a description of the software, related options, and a list of trusted sites from which to download the software.

Bing has certainly become a lot more useful with the addition of these features. The majority of them are very intriguing because, at least at this point, Google doesn’t offer anything similar. Bing is not only improving but innovating. Will be interesting to see if they capture a greater share of the search engine market with these features.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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  • James Halloran

    That seems awesome! I’ve been waiting for someone to start showing TEDtalks in their engines. I knew that was coming sometime.

    But how accurate will all of this information be? It’s been proven that you can have false things show up in Google’s Knowledge Graph, so how will it be any different or more effective with Bing?

  • Nancy Badillo

    Hi Matt,

    Very cool changes! I look forward in using Ask Bing services. Thanks for sharing such an informative article!

  • Ann William

    It is clear intention from bing that they will make the optimization process more difficult as done by google by hitting the spammers from Panda and Penguin. Anyhow it is good that we can get quick answers to queries by bing as well.

  • Gary

    Nice post Matt

    Its good to see Bing adding these additional features. I actually use Bing a fair bit now as Google search sometimes masks relevant results.