Bing Ads is testing Dynamic Search Ads in the U.S. Dynamic search ads let you create ads for relevant search queries based on the content on your website.

The news that Bing is testing dynamic search ads was revealed last week during the Bing Ads Next event. (Bing also shared new details on Bing Native Ads at the event.)

Basically, Bing Ads dynamically generates your headlines based on the keywords used in the search query and choose the best landing page to send searchers to.


All you have to do is write the ad text. You don’t have to worry about keywords, ad titles, or bids.

The ads also simplify the targeting process. You can choose to target your ads on Bing Ads by using content that appears on:


After scanning your content, Bing Ads will then show your ad for relevant queries.

Running dynamic search ad campaign can also have other benefits, such as finding missed opportunities. You may discover some valuable search terms that you can turn into profitable conversions.

According to Bing, Dynamic Search Ads are ideal for two types of customers:

Google AdWords launched dynamic search ads in October 2011.

Image Credit: Bing Ads