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Bing Brings in Major Partners for Finance Tools

Bing Brings in Major Partners for Finance Tools

Bing has labeled itself not merely as a search engine but as a powerful tool that users can take advantage of for a myriad of purposes. From shopping to looking at weather reports (more on that later today) to making travel plans, Bing positions itself as anadvantageous tool – and thus draws the crowd away from Google’s empire. Bing’s continuous rise in search share (Bing and Yahoo combined hold a quarter of U.S. search share) indicates that this tactic is working, so it’s little surprise that Bing has now expanded its Bing Finances tool.

Bing Finances is a service used to keep track of stock values, make transaction decisions, use social networks to share your decisions, and more. To make the tool more powerful, Bing has partnered with big names from the finances industry: Seeking Alpha, Stock Twits, The Fly on the Wall, and Further, the accommodate the new features, Bing has refreshed their layout.

Here’s a summary of the new features enabled by Bing’s most recent partnerships:

  • Seeking Alpha, a stock market blog, and The Fly on the Wall, an investor information site, both provides news and updates on publicly traded company. Bing Finances now displays snippets of these news stories in their interface.
  • Thanks to information provided by Stock Twits, Bing Finances surfaces “real-time financial information” and lets you keep track of social conversations about any stock you’re examining.
  • brings Bing advanced stock details, included a detailed breakdown of what products contribute most to a company’s stock value, what moves or deals recently impacted a company’s value, and more.
  • A new comparison tool has been worked into the interface, allowing users to compare the major components of two stocks side by side.

You can find the Bing Finances tool at or navigate to it through the Finances tab, which appears when searching for stock-related search terms (such as a stock symbol).

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Bing Brings in Major Partners for Finance Tools

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