Bing’s App Comes to iPhone, Android Version Receive Major Upgrades

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Bing’s App Comes to iPhone, Android Version Receive Major Upgrades

Bing made two major app-related announcements today: the Bing app is coming to iPhone, and the Android version is getting useful new upgrades.

Exclusive to the Android version is the ability to tap on items within other apps to receive a snapshot of information from Bing search.

In addition, the Android app is receiving several updates that will be launched along with the brand new iPhone app. Here is an overview of the features owners of either device will be able to make use of.

  • Price comparisons: With the use of a built-in barcode scanner you can look up an item and compare prices across major retailers. Bing will also return star ratings from each retailer, and let you know whether or not the item is in stock.
  • Gas prices: With the help of GasBuddy and Bing Local, the Bing app can look up current gas prices at the pumps near you.
  • Deals: Bing has taken deal finding to a new level. Now you can walk into a mall, open up the app, and right on the homepage will be deals in your immediate vicinity. Tap on the deal to find out how to redeem it from the coupon provider.

The upgraded Android app, and brand new iPhone app, are now available for download from Google Play and the iPhone App Store.

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