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Bing Ads to Exclusively Serve Yahoo Search Traffic Starting in March

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Today at the annual Bing Ads Next web conference, Microsoft Bing Ads announced an expanded partnership with Verizon Media which enables Yahoo search traffic to be exclusively served by Bing Ads. This includes search traffic from the Oath Ad Platforms (previously known as Yahoo Gemini) and other partners.

Soon, Bing Ads, Yahoo, and AOL will be simplified and accessible under the Bing Ads umbrella and managed in the same Bing Ads platform.

According to David Pann, General Manager Global Search Advertising, “this creates new opportunities for advertisers to reach an expanded Microsoft Audience Network with access to Verizon Media properties”

According the Bing Ads blog announcement, this expansion will benefit advertisers with an increase in accessible search volume.

“We estimate that our enhanced partnership could result in an increase in clicks across the Bing Ads marketplace for customers targeting the United States of up to 10-15%.”

This will have the most significant volume impact on the U.S. marketplace.

The transition will take place this year between March 15 and March 31, ending with 100 percent of Verizon Media’s search volume served exclusively by Bing Ads.

What Advertisers Should Know About the Transition

Here are four key takeaways for advertisers:

  1. Keep budgets in the Oath Ad Platform during the transition time, to avoid any loss of volume.
  2. Starting March 15, copy ads from Oath Ad Platform and upload to Bing, with a 10 percent budget increase as a cushion.
  3. Ads will continue to serve on both platforms, so closely monitor traffic, budgets, and bids.
  4. Expected on March 31, Oath Ad Platforms paid search traffic will stop completely, and 100% of the Yahoo Search Network traffic will be served by Bing Ads. Monitor Bing Ads campaigns budget constraints.
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VIP CONTRIBUTOR Lisa Raehsler SEM Strategy Consultant at Big Click Co.

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Bing Ads to Exclusively Serve Yahoo Search Traffic Starting in March

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