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Bing Ads: Opt Out of Displaying Ads on Desktop

Bing Ads: Opt Out of Displaying Ads on Desktop

Bing Ads has rolled out an adjustment to its Device Targeting capabilities. In an effort to further support mobile-only campaigns, advertisers can now set negative bid modifier for desktop.

Bid adjustments for desktop are now in line with other devices, ranging from -100% to +900%. That means advertisers can completely opt out of displaying ads on desktop by setting the bid adjustment to -100%.

Bing Ads: Opt Out of Displaying Ads on Desktop
This feature will be available to all advertisers within the next few weeks. It will be supported by the Bing Ads Web Interface, Bing Ads Editor for Mac and Windows, and Bing Ads API.

With the global rollout starting tomorrow, some advertisers may see this new feature sooner than others. When the new bid adjustments are in place, Bing Ads will have the same values as AdWords. This will make it easier to for advertisers to import from Google AdWords and keep the same bid adjustments.

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